How the get merakiAuthUserId from valid user.

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How the get merakiAuthUserId from valid user.

Hello All,


After a while (lots of API programming wth meraki, ServiceNow and Riverbed) I come up with a question regarding VPN Clients to a network...


In the GUI i can do an update of a normal Administrator to be able to use the VPN client


Security & SDWAN > Client VPN, select user and authorize him/her


Now i want to do them same using the API however the updateNetworkMerakiAuthUser API call requires a merakiAuthUserId  which us not the same as the userID from the admin. 


So how do i get the merakiAuthUserId of that specific administrator, so i can authorize him 








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you can call getNetworkMerakiAuthUsers for that. Just compare the email address of the users to get the correct id.

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Good Morning,


I tried that... You can only use the network ID on that call...

You will not get any users (other then already assigned) but not the current users


You will only see the users with the option : VPN client as accounttype



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