Help with Powershell to Meraki - Newbee

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Help with Powershell to Meraki - Newbee

Hello Everyone,


I am new to powershell script. Want to know how to use powershell with Meraki. I want to implement one script linked below :


I've use postman before to get CPU usage and other normal GET request but never used powershell. Can someone please help ?


Any training video or post from community would help too. TIA

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Hi jay_b,


if you've used postman before, then stick with it for testing of the relevant calls and parameters they use.


with regards to powershell, i wrote the one posted in the link below and just used google and postman to help me.


postman for how the calls etc are formatted and what json results are returned and then google on how to create functions and subroutines,parse json data, use arrays etc in powershell.



Gary (nealgs)

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