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Global dashboard search via API


Global dashboard search via API



I've checked the dashboard API docs and searched on this forum but can't find a way of emulating the global search functionality of the HTTPS dashboard (where you can search for a client at the top of the dashboard across all networks), has anyone managed this?


Currently my very clunky way of finding a client MAC via IP is:

1) Get list of networks

2) for each network get list of devices

3) for each device get list of clients

Obviously I could cache these results and refresh them periodically.


Which is very slow in comparison to the global search. 

I tried inspecting the calls and results that the dashboard makes when you search (e.g. and replicated in postman but it just returns the login page.


So has anyone got any suggestions on implementing a global search or a faster way of finding a client's MAC address from their IP in any network?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Global dashboard search via API



I have a script that will find users based on MAC or IP address.  Its slow, but if you are going network by network in the dashboard, this is easier.


Re: Global dashboard search via API

Thanks for this, it looks like you're following the same process of searching networks then devices and finally clients. Maybe that is the only option so I'll have to look at storing the data and refreshing periodically.

I might also try setting the timestamp to 8 hours instead of 24 to speed things up.


Kind regards,