Getting wireless channel utilization

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Getting wireless channel utilization



We're looking for a way to get the wireless channel utilization, per device, via the API. I just can't find it, in the Meraki dashboard it seems to come via a socket.




We've found this one!get-network-wireless-channel-utilization-history

but that only gives channel changes for clients, not a snapshot of current channel utilization.


Does anyone know where to get this data via API call?



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Hello there,


Perhaps this could also be helpful:!get-network-network-health-channel-utilization


I don't know exactly what your use case is or if this would even work, but if there was a way to get the clients on each device I wonder if some kind of script could be written to relate all the information from these API calls and get you the info you are looking for. It's just an idea, I'll leave you to think more deeply about it. Good luck!

Thanks, I've been over this one as well @AutomationDude, but I can't really figure out the numbers. I'm guessing here that `wifi0` is 2.4ghz band and `wifi1` is the 5ghz band.


But I still don't think it returns the channels? Only the utilization of the respective bands. And I also don't get what the props `wifi` and `non_wifi` means in the context.


The response from the API is a bit different as well than from the docs. Here's what it looks like in my end when querying the API:


        "serial": "string",
        "model": "MR33",
        "tags": "",
        "wifi0": [
                "utilization": 46.1,
                "wifi": 38.1,
                "non_wifi": 8.0,
                "start_ts": "2021-07-13T07:00:00Z",
                "end_ts": "2021-07-13T07:10:00Z"
        wifi1": [
                "utilization": 18.93,
                "wifi": 18.61,
                "non_wifi": 0.32,
                "start_ts": "2021-07-13T07:00:00Z",
                "end_ts": "2021-07-13T07:10:00Z"
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