Getting the free license details via API


Getting the free license details via API

Hi Team,

  For both Co-Term and PDM we are not getting the list of free license details via API.

  1. MV-SEN : for Co-Term , the UI shows the trial licenses but the api doesnt return the details.
  2. System Manager : for both , Co-Term and PDM , we are not able to get any info about the trial licenses via API.


Can you help with the above questions?




Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hello Manish,


What is the error code you are getting when you run the API call for get_organization_license?

Are you following this kb for both PDL and Co-term orgs?


Hi Mandar,


Lets take the 2 cases which I mentioned in the original message and expand it a bit more


1. MV-SEN Free Licenses issue for Co-TermOrg :

      For Co-Term Org the api organization-licenses does not work

    "errors": [
        "Organization with ID <ORG-ID> does not support per-device licensing"


And if we call the licenseState API for the Co-Term Org:

ie /organizations/:organizationId/licenseState

The result set doesnt not contain the Free MV-SEN licenses 


2. For Free System Manager Licenses 

    a. For Co-Term Org , again the licenseState API will not return the free or trial licenses

    b. For PDL org , the organization-licenses API also doesnt return the SM Trial licenses.



Let me know if I was able to explain my issue sufficiently






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