Getting error "please wait a minute if the key or org was just newly created" while trying to config

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Getting error "please wait a minute if the key or org was just newly created" while trying to config

I am using a script that assigns a license to an AP in staging org, moves it required Org, Assign it to a network and then configure AP name and tag. The first steps succeed but when it comes to configuring AP, it is giving an error "please wait a minute if the key or org was just newly created".  The org was created more than 24 hours ago. However , site was created couple of hours ago. Not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? I am currently using meraki SDK but had similar issue when using APIs.

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 Hey @OmRavipati,


I often found this was the case if my serial number when parsed to the API call was wrong. Verify that your serial is correct (when making the API call), alternatively if you can share your code here I might be able to help discern better what's going on.

Yes invalid serials does give that error but I have a function specifically to remove invalid serial/mac that are not part of my orgs inventory. I cannot share the code but the following is the function thats giving the error.


respData = m.devices.updateDevice(
name = apname,
apSerial parsing cannot be wrong because, I use the same variable to assign licenses and thats working. Weirdly enough the same function works after few hours.

I get the same error when creating a new network via the API.  The serials are right as I'm able to add them to the network with no issues.  I get the error when I go to update the address and tags of the device.  The org and API key were created years ago.  If I wait some time (it varies on this), it will eventually not error out.  It seems to happen at random times.  I also get this error often in my automated scripts that run nightly.  

Another weird thing I see is that when I do a 

device = dashboard.devices.getDevice('AAAA-AAAA-AAAA'), I get the 404 error code.  When I put a different serial number in, it works fine.  Back to AAAA-AAAA-AAAA and 404 error again.  If I wait a some time, no error.  It's very flakey.  
*Obviously AAAA-AAAA-AAAA is not a valid serial number but in my call I use one that is*

Thats the frustrating part. The stability of the API/SDK is the concern because sometimes the same call works and sometimes it does not.

I recently switched over to the v1 API calls.  Are you using v0 or v1?  Although I can't 100% remember, I think all this started when I went to v1.

I am using the SDK version 1.4.3. I believe this uses v1 of the API.

As long as you use import meraki and NOT import meraki_v0, you are using the v1 APIs.

Yes it looks like it is v1. Did you get a chance to work with meraki support on this at all?

To my knowledge you can't call support for API issues.

I convinced that this is an issue with the v1 API.  I had this issue earlier today that failed.  I immediately ran the same script with the v0 calls and it had no issues.  

Yes I can confirm its v1 issue. Here is an update from meraki team "After further investigation, we have determined that this is a known issue that our development team is aware of. After a device is claimed, it takes a period of time for that change to be replicated across the Meraki infrastructure globally. This issue arises because the server handling your API call has not received an updated copy of the device claim change made in the previous call." Looks like they are working on it. I will update once they have a fix.

Awesome.  Were you able to call support or open a ticket?  I wasn't sure if they fully supported API issues or if it was only community support.

Yes support is helping with the case. Also had to pull some strings with our Cisco rep for escalation.

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