Get Firmware End of Support

Getting noticed

Get Firmware End of Support



In the meraki dashboard organization > Firmware upgrades you can see sometimes a warning with an end of support date. But using the dashboard api!get-network-firmware-upgrades

doesn't return a warning state or the end of support date.


any ideas?

I need to get all devices with a warning state in multiple organizations.

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Getting noticed

OK, quick and dirty. I couldn't find anything in the API which is sad.

BUT. Its in the source code of the web dashboard.

So go to

1. Organization > Firmware upgrades

2. Get the source code and search for "var versions"

3. Copy the whole large line to your editor

4. Wait for the editor to crash and restart it.

5. Assuming python, do a bit of format for "true", "false", "null"

6. Make a dictionary of firmware and end of support date


from datetime import datetime
EosDates = {}
for version in versions:
    if version['endOfSupportDate'] != None:
        firmware_name = version['networkType'] + "-" + str(version['major']) + "-" + str(version['minor'])
        if version['patch'] != 0: firmware_name = firmware_name + "-" + str(version['patch'])
        date_time_obj = datetime.fromisoformat(version['endOfSupportDate'].replace('Z', ''))
        date_german = date_time_obj.strftime("%d.%m.%Y")
        EosDates[firmware_name] = date_german
print (EosDates)

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