Get Devices ProductID via API

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Get Devices ProductID via API

Hi Community,

it looks like I´m missing something or there´s a lack in the API I don´t understand.


My use case:

I want to gather the (exact) product id´s of my Meraki dashboard inventory. If I check the Meraki Dashboard (via Browser) I can see all devices with their corresponding prod-id´s listed (Organizations / Configure / Inventory), along with some more data.


I think I found the API call that´s the API version of this:

  • {{baseUrl}}/organizations/:organizationId/inventory/devices

But, as the result I do not see the "MR72-HW" as the modell, but 


"mac": "00:18:0a:xx:yy:zz",
"serial": "aaaa-bbbb-cccc",
"name": "AP00",
"model": "MR72",
Well now we can say that I could just programatically add the "-HW" to it, done. BUT, there are also country/regional specific devices, like "Z1-HW-EU", but in API it just shows "Z1".
Is there any other API call to gather the exact Product ID from the Dashboard?
Thanks for support.
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Head in the Cloud

I don't think there's a way to do it beyond the call you already found and adding -HW.


The PID country suffix is typically selecting the power cable to order (if any) rather than a device difference.


You could create a rule to rebuild the suffix (on products where it would be valid, so you'd need to maintain a table) based on the countryCode value in the API response.


The cellular devices with the -NA or -WW suffix are one exception I can think of, though whether they are actual hardware variants rather than determined by software/config is another thing.


The huge Cisco API collection may give access to the full PID in the CCW order, but that's a completely different system, and you'd still need to find a way to relate data from CCW with Dashboard (I've a feeling that relation may not be possible.)

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Basically a model number and a product SKU (that you use in an order) are separate - albeit related - things.

Is there a particular reason why you need the SKU specifically?

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