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Get Device configuration status

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Get Device configuration status

Hi, I would like to get the configuration status from API calling the device endpoint. I would like to have returned the status, if up to date or last commit timestamp, inside the device json.


Any idea on how to get this?


Re: Get Device configuration status

I don't think there are any requests in the API you could use to get that information.  You can pull device information using /networks/[networkId]/devices/[serial] but it won't give the stats you want.  For example, you will get the following:

  "name": "My AP",
  "lat": 37.4180951010362,
  "lng": -122.098531723022,
  "serial": "Q234-ABCD-5678",
  "mac": "00:11:22:33:44:55",
  "model": "MR34",
  "address": "1600 Pennsylvania Ave",
  "notes": "My AP's note",
  "lanIp": "",
  "tags": " recently-added ",
  "networkId": "N_24329156",
  "beaconIdParams": {
    "uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
    "major": 5,
    "minor": 3

Unless I am missing another API call (someone can correct me if I am wrong), I would suggest making a wish to Meraki to add that information to the API.


Hope this helps.



Kind of a big deal

Re: Get Device configuration status

Nope, there's no API endpoint for this. 

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