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Get Device Status by Identifier


Get Device Status by Identifier

I am slightly confused as to why device status is not available via the /devices/{serial} or even the /networks/{networkId}/... endpoints. I know there is the /organization/{organizationId}/devices/statuses endpoint which returns all the device statuses in the organization, but I have thousands of switches in my organization. Every time I want to view the status of the switches within a particular network, I have to get every switch in the organization, and loop through them all matching on network id. 


Is there anything on the API roadmap to provide device status in a more specific way? I think this would significantly improve the user experience. 


Has anyone else dealt with this in a more elegant way? I have considered trying to use the /devices/{serial}/... endpoints to infer whether the device is online or not, but I'm not sure how accurate they would be. For example if a switch is offline would the loss/latency endpoint show 100% loss with a timespan within the last second? If a switch is offline would there be no lldp/cdp or client data? If so, would this be the same as receiving a "status: offline" from the organization device status endpoint? I haven't gone that route yet because I haven't been confident there aren't any exceptions I would be missing.

Would love any feedback or thoughts, thanks!

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