Existing Integrations - Commercial NMS/RMM

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Existing Integrations - Commercial NMS/RMM

Kind of a vague question ... but I'm looking to understand what existing commercial (or open source) monitoring solutions exist today that talk to the API and provide useful information.


I'm aware that ConnectWise has some integrations but I find them really difficult to deal with as an organization.  Are there others?


Basically we are looking to launch managed services and include Meraki possibly at this point.  We need a single pane of glass that can show us Meraki devices, their health, stats etc along side other devices non-Meraki.




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Kind of a big deal

I don't have a good answer for you, but I can suggest create.meraki.io to explore what other people have done with the Meraki API. Specifically, it sounds like this section might be of interest to you:





Thank you .. unfortunately I figured this might be the answer.  I have been reading around over there and was hoping to avoid building something or "re-inventing" things.

Kind of a big deal

I think the unfortunate truth is that most people just use the Dashboard for everything. The API is good for many things, but it's not complete so you can't do everything through it. And as far as proactive monitoring goes the API only offers a on demand status that needs to be pulled. There's nothing like a websocket that can push an event to you. You have to fall back to an SNMP trap or email for that kind of functionality. 



Thank you for the response .... this is unfortunate as I can see Meraki as a great MSP style solution but without the ability to properly alert (in my opinion) and combined with no IPv6 support this is a growing concern for me.  Thanks again.

Kind of a big deal

To be fair, people have been getting by with SNMP traps as an alerting mechanism for many years. Though I completely agree that a more modern, reliable, mechanism would be more desirable.


IMO Meraki is a really great MSP platform, but like any offering from any other vendor, it's not perfect and you have to work with what you're given.


Good luck!

Sure, SNMP traps can be beneficial for sure ... assuming they can be reliably delivered and something "smart" in place to filter through them depending on how they are setup.


There is though clearly some missing abilities with Meraki in this regard and I just need to figure out (as you mention) whether or not it's a major deal for our specific needs.  


Thanks 😉

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