Enable Bluetooth Location Scanning

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Enable Bluetooth Location Scanning

Hi Guys,


I am trying to get location information of BLE devices but to be honest I am not a web developer so I do get lost when it comes to all this HTTP Post and Put and Get Stuff so I apologise.  I am trying to read a Bluetooth clients position within the business and I think I need to follow this ;




However it says that you need to have a HTTP server setup,  is this internal using IIS,  or does it have to be outside of the company if Meraki is to be posting to it ?


If any of you have more information how I can set this up or how I can get the location of a bluetooth client using the API I'd really appreciate it.


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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hey @JudgeyK 


The way that it works is that the data is sent up the Meraki cloud via the encrypted tunnel from each AP. Then depending on the version you are using for the location analytics, the following happens:

- V2: you will receive a stream of data of every client that has been seen over the last minute (or so) from each access point.

- V3: you will receive a stream about once a minute of aggregated data of all clients from all access points on a network-wide level.


Either way, the data originates from our public IP and is sent to the web server you specify. Therefore, your web server needs to be publicly accessible to receive the stream.


Once it is all set up, you will then receive a stream of all client details (including latitude/longitude) in JSON format.


It is worth remembering that to accurately give you these details, you will need to position your APs and Cameras on the map/floor plan as accurately as possible.










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