EXCAP custom splash with facebook / twitter sign-on

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EXCAP custom splash with facebook / twitter sign-on

Hello Everybody,


We've implemented a custom splash page, a data collect one, indeed. But for requiriments, we need to make facebook / twitter sing-in avaliable too.


We know the steps involving to provide facebook and twitter sing-on on our custom splash, but, the problem is handling the redirect page, since we have to redirect the user from facebook, but the redirect page, doesn't know about the info needed for meraki AP to allow the client to navigate.


Have anybody run on this kind of requriment? any suggestion?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Why do you have to redirect them back from Facebook?


Can't you capture the user, then do an OUATH2 with Facebook?

HI, Thanks for your reply.


The issue is, that I have to collect some data.  And keep some info from the AP request, like Client Mac and IP.  


Now, I was thinking about OAUTH2, I've managed to log into facebook using HelloJS, and I am testing the solution, I am able to capture the user info, using the basic scope.  That was later, after posting my question here.


And I am thinking that is the route that I will take. 


I don't know if there is another way to do that, but it's working for now.


Thanks Again.

Hi Phillip, 


I am having a strange issue here, with OAUTH and the sign in form on the wifi and the facebook estrategy.


I am using hellojs for the OAUTH and the facebook sign in. this is a fragment of the code that I am using: 


loginFacebook() {
                let vm = this;
                    scope: 'basic, email',
                    redirect_uri: redirectURIs.facebookRedirectURI,
                    state: 'state',
                }).then(function () {
                    let response = hello(facebookNetwork).getAuthResponse();
                    if (response) {
                        hello(facebookNetwork).api('me').then(function (profile) {
                    } else {
                        vm.isValidated = false;
                        vm.errorMessage = JSON.stringify(reponse);
                }, function (e) {
                    vm.isValidated = false;
                    vm.errorMessage = `En estos momentos no es posible registrarse con facebook: ${e.error.message}`;


It works, because I am able to open the facebook page, and sign in successfully, the problem is, that in almost every phone as soon as I got redirected, I lost the Meraki request info, because the URL is changed to the url wich is redirected from facebook, but, this only happen when the sign in form wich is displayed after the device hit the AP and the WiFi connection shows the page.


In some devices works perfectly, for example, my Mobile Phone, running android 5.0 but others, like iphone or even Laptops or One plus, doesn´t, the only thing that I can spot is that those devices doesn´t show a browser, just a some kind of webkit(without url) just the form.  


Have you ever had this kind of issue or any of the community members?


Thanks in advance.

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