Drag and Drop Programming with Meraki and Node-Red - Follow up QA from webinar on 1/14/2020

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Drag and Drop Programming with Meraki and Node-Red - Follow up QA from webinar on 1/14/2020

Hi everyone!


We're excited for the upcoming Node-RED webinar on Tues, Jan 14th - registration is still open here!


Node-RED is a programming tool that allows you to easily drag and drop commands to create flows that do almost anything with the Meraki Dashboard API. As you create intuitive workflows, Node-RED fills in all the “blanks” or boilerplate code around those actions for you. Join us in this webinar to see this in action with the Meraki Dashboard API and some live IoT examples - and learn more about the resources and sample flows Meraki has for you!


Node Red Gif.gif


We'll use this thread for any ongoing QA after the show. For folks who are unable to join us for the live broadcast, this (and other Meraki webinars!) will be available on-demand through the same link/channel above. 


See you soon!

Kind of a big deal



I've just received an email saying the Node-Red webinar's been rescheduled - 


Title: Drag and Drop Programming with Meraki and Node-RED
Presented by: Cory Guynn, Solutions Architect | API Product Management, Cisco Meraki
Channel: Cisco DevNet
Live on: Jan 14 2020 7:00 pm


Can you confirm the time and timezone please? It doesn't look changed to me in +0 timezone (GMT) ?????

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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@Uberseehandel You're correct, there has been no change in the start time / timezone. We added some additional time to the end of this webinar, just in case we go over answering questions or running any additional demos. 


We totally understand if folks need to drop off after the allotted (30 min) time! The full video will be available on-demand after the presentation if anyone would like to check back to see what questions were answered in the additional time. 


So sorry for the confusion! 

No probs.



Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

I manage a Meraki SD-WAN and want my webhook to alert me whenever one of my links (primary or secondary) goes down but only could do it with the primary one, can you suggest me what to do?


Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi @beltranesteva, your question isn't really relevant to the thread, but I'll answer it (next time please post separately): while there is no webhook/alert today for WAN2 (backup uplink) going down, customers can use the org-wide loss/latency endpoint to determine both blackout and brownout issues on WAN1 & WAN2 today.

Solutions Architect @ Cisco Meraki | API & Developer Ecosystem


Getting noticed



Can you please share the full video? We are really interested in Meraki and Node-Red and want to see how both works.

Drag and Drop Programming with Meraki and Node-RED


BrightTalk carries the presentations.


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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