Device License information

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Device License information

When using the dashboard through a web browser  page makes a get call to Using the meraki dashboard API I am unable to get the same information. Wanting to process the information to save users accessing each of our dashboards individually can someone tell me how to get this information through the API or am I just stuck with finding a work around?


The only thing i can find is!get-organization-licenses but this does not carry the same information as provided in


Will this data be available at a later date or can someone tell me if I will break T&C's to scrape the dashboard?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What information from the API that is missing which you need?

I'd like the expire dates and license type, some of our customers seem to have the combined and don't. using the json from /manage/organization/devices_json the following would be nice. 


"expiration_date": 1791763200000,
"licenses": [
"type": "MX250-SEC",
"expiration_date": 1773045959000
"type": "MI-L",
"expiration_date": 1791763200000
"days_until_shutdown": null,
"grace_period_last_reset_at": null



the call to!get-organization-licenses-overview


{ "status": "OK", "expirationDate": "Aug 15, 2022 UTC", "licensedDeviceCounts": { "MS120-8LP": 1, "MX64": 1, "SM": 100, "wireless": 1 } }

but you get minimal information and no detail. I want more detail really to be useful across multiple Dashboards 


for example from another dashboard I get this response


{ "status": "License Required", "expirationDate": "Mar 9, 2025 UTC", "licensedDeviceCounts": { "MX100": 2, "MX250": 10, "MX64": 62, "MX450": 3, "MS225-24": 4, "MS225-24P": 12, "MS120-8LP": 58, "MS225-48LP": 73, "MS410-16": 12, "wireless": 217, "MS125-24": 2, "MI-S": 53, "MI-M": 8, "MI-L": 26, "MI-XL": 3 } }


It tells me I require a License but has an expiration date of Mar 9, 2025. I have no way from the API to get any further information. This would be most helpful

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