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Dashboard throughput API

Comes here often

Dashboard throughput API

My name is Jonathan.
I'm doing a test with PHP together with the Meraki API.
I would be needing extra information about the possibility of performing a speed test (throughput) for each organization within the panel.
In the documentation I don't see anything related to this test.
Can you tell me how to proceed?




Greetings .

Kind of a big deal

Re: Dashboard throughput API

There is no such API to do this test.


Also this is a test to the Meraki cloud.  You can't put a lot of faith in this measuring the actual maximum thoughput of your ISP circuit.  It is just a general guide.

Comes here often

Re: Dashboard throughput API

Thank you very much for your reply.
In any case I will look for some macro for the web browser to do it in about 2000 Organizations

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