Dashboard API Fall 2021 Feature Announcements: What's new? 🦍⏩🚀

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Dashboard API Fall 2021 Feature Announcements: What's new? 🦍⏩🚀

Over the past quarter we've released a ton of new features. In this video I take a look at some of the biggest ones and how they can help you Get Things Done at massive scale. Let us know in the comments how these new releases level up your client development and infrastructure management!


Kind of a big deal

Do you realise that Fall is a different time of the year for most people on the planet?  You can't actually figure out when fall is unless you know the seasons for the location of the person making the statement.


It is much handier if you say what month you mean instead.  🙂

Building a reputation

Mmmmm I always thought that ''fall'' was the term for Autumn in North America. So yeah saying the season Fall implies that it is in north America. Or I may be wrong.

That's true! I think Windows had the same problem. Maybe 21H2 is better 😂

Kind of a big deal

@John-K wrote:

... Maybe 21H2 is better 😂

calendar or fiscal year?

We'd use CY for public-facing announcements. XD

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