Creating a New Network with VLANs

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Creating a New Network with VLANs

I'm using the v0 of the API. I'm trying to create a new network in my organization and populate the VLANs, I saw a post stating that I could bind the new network to a template that had VLANs enabled, but I get ['VLANs cannot be added to bound networks'] and if I unbind the network, it loses the VLAN enabled flag. As the API is used to simplify the deployment of networks, surely there is a way to do this without having to manually intervene, right? I'm hoping there is a simple answer that doesn't involve me having to learn a new framework. I wear several hats and am working this little time saver project on the side and if I have to learn something other than the Python/Meraki API, it will likely be months before I can work on this again.


Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Re: Creating a New Network with VLANs

Hey @Jason-907


First I'll say that if you re-bind this network once you're done it'll wipe out the changes you've made and bring the network in line with the template again. So watch out for that. 


Once you unbind the network from the template I'm guessing that VLANs are disabled. You'll need to enable them first using this API call:


Once that's set to enabled you'll be able to create the VLANs you need.

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