Content Filtering via API


Content Filtering via API

Is it possible to update content filtering using the API at this point? I am just learning how to use the API and this has potential to save me a LOT of time. I can see that it's possible to change L3 firewall rules, but I don't see an option for the content filtering.

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

No it's not available via API today.
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Dear cat5easy



I'm interested in this too.

have you had any positive updates?






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You can now get and update the default content filtering categories, whitelist, and blacklist via the API. Go to the following for the documentation.


Do we have any library for using content fitering API

Getting noticed

You can update the content filtering with API.  Please note, when you update the content filtering, it will not add to what is there, it will replace it.  The best thing to do is pull back what is there and add what you want to it.

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