Cisco Meraki Guest account creation with Rest API

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Cisco Meraki Guest account creation with Rest API

I am new to Cisco Meraki, I want to understand that is there any way to create guest account for guest/vistor using Rest api call only?


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we are on the same side. I am first documenting the Meraki REST API material with Postman, Python and Github. I attach some links that can give you more idea. We can share experiences in development if you want.


f you do not have access to a Meraki dashboard organization with networks and devices, you can use this API key: [REMOVED]


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I'd be delighted to be wrong, but all I'm seeing is getNetworkMerakiAuthUsers (all users) and getNetworkMerakiAuthUser (one user at a time). Nothing to create users or delete them.


Creating and updating via API would solve a problem for me, so long as one could authorize for client VPN... My boss would go for a widget that my helpdesk could use. My boss will not go for SAML, for reasons.

Kind of a big deal

@Nash is correct.  There is no API to create guest user accounts.

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I have create a guest user account for WLAN Guest.


You must use this link :




To get your Network ID in first : 

Get your Organizations ID :  ""


And get your network ID : 

("[Your_Organizations _ID]/networks")


For guest user you must specify : accountType="Guest"


For Authorizations values you have :

expiresAt="2021-04-15T22:25:29.000000Z";   #### OR  "Never";
ssidNumber=2 ###ID to SSID GUEST
authorizedZone="NAME SSID GUEST"

authorizedByName="the name of the person who created the account"
authorizedByEmail="the e-mail of the person who created the account"


For the Guest account :

email = 'Email for the guest account';

name = 'Description Guest account';

password = 'Password';


emailPasswordToUser=false; ## OR True

authorizations=@(Authorizations variable)

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