Change SSID password for one or multiple networks

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Change SSID password for one or multiple networks

Hi All,


I am very new to Dev Ops. I recently installed  Postman & imported the collection & environment suggested in Learning Hubs in Cisco.


Currently i have a task in hand to change the SSID password of 1 or multiple networks in the same Org. May you please suggest an API for this task?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The API-call will be always the same. The only difference is, if you issue the command once, or if you iterate through a list of networks and issue the command each time.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

You will want the Psk parameter within this call:!update-network-wireless-ssid

There are a number of threads, elsewhere in the community, with details of scripts to change PSKs  (e.g. this one: ) though it looks like they all use v0 of the API.   These should still work, BTW, but it is recommended to transition to V1, for lots of great reasons:      Has anyone out there done this, yet?


Bear in mind that, if you use a Template, with multiple Meraki WiFi Networks bound to it, changing the PSK once, in the Dashboard UI, will actually change it for all those Networks.


Do you know if there is a way to use the API to change the password of an SSID in a Template? I'm trying to automate it so it happens at the same time on a regular basis rather than requiring someone to log into the Dashboard UI to change the password. I've got the same SSID across a few templates as well so it would be nice to keep them all in sync with each other.

Hey @JoshMikow ,

To change the password of an SSID in the Template. You need to first grab the configTemplate ID using (!get-organization-config-templates)

Once you have the template for which you want the SSID password to be changed, fetch the "SSID number" (!get-network-wireless-ssids  ) 

Use the "SSID number" along with the necessary password parameters and pass them in a PUT request to update it as you need. This would update it for all the networks bound to that particular tempalte
(!update-network-wireless-ssid )

Hope this helps you 🙂 


When I tried this a few months ago I had received a message that it couldn't be done on a template. These steps look like they'll work out great!


Thank you Craig!

Hey @JoshMikow ,

I just tested this on a template, it worked just fine. If you do get an error let me know 🙂 


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