Can't load organization's network after using actionBatch

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Can't load organization's network after using actionBatch

Hi everyone, I'm having a problem after using the "createOrganizationActionBatch" python function.
I am developing a script to automate the creation of networks.
After creating the network through the "createOrganizationNetwork" function, I use a batch action to claim the devices. Running the script does not report any errors, but after I reload the dashboard I am no longer able to view the organization's networks, even those entered manually. For this reason I cannot delete the inserted network, as it does not appear in any search. If I try to view the networks present in the organization through the appropriate function "getOrganizationNetworks", I get a "500 internal server error".



how can i solve?


Thanks, Enrico


Getting noticed

Hey Enrico, this is a strange problem indeed..


The fact that you cannot view the manually created networks within your dashboard is weird and shouldn't have to do anything with the APIs. It's possible you didn't get any error on your function because you have entered some kind of infinite loop, which may explain why the Get call doesn't seem to work either. 


You can try to wait this out but maybe a better strategy would be the disable and then re-enable API access on your org.


I still don't get why you can't see networks within your dashboard. Would reach out to support if the problem persists. 

To try the script I created two test organizations.

In one of the two, if I try to enter through the dashboard, it gives me the Page Not Found error, however it can be displayed in the MSP Portal screen. Also in the GET call to view all current organizations appears. For this reason, I can't even log into the organization to disable the API.


I can not even delete the organization as there are networks, even if not visible.




the error I receive is the one shown in the first image. However, from the MSP portal it can be seen that that organization has two networks



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