Best way to Import WAN IP's into Excel for All Networks

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Best way to Import WAN IP's into Excel for All Networks

New to API's, Python, JSON, Postman and trying to learn to functionality when it comes to reporting.


One report we were asked to provide is provide all the WAN IPs for each site (network). I'm able to pull this information from One Network and export it to Excel file but at my current knowledge level I am unable to figure out how I can loop thru all Networks using the GetDevice API, seems like this only provides information from 1 Network only. 


Can anyone provide guidance? Thanks!

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If you are using MX appliances for WAN connection, you can use...!get-organization-appliance-uplink-statuses


This will get you the status of every uplink in the organization, it includes the public IP.


That is certainly an improvement to what I had. The only thing that is missing is the Site Name.


I wanted WAN IP and Site Name. This provides Network ID which isn't descriptive. 


I'm guessing this will need to be a two step process in which I'll need to output the Network ID and use a Key:Value pair to reference the networkid to the "name" of the site.


Again thanks for your input, you added a piece to the puzzle. 

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To get all networks (including the name) in an organization, you can use...!get-organization-networks


That'll give you all you are after with just two API calls.


If you've not tried it, the Python library simplifies using the API...


Thank you very much this looks like what I need. Appreciate your help!

Kind of a big deal



Make sure you have the "Public IP" column enabled.



Now you have a list of all devices their the public IP address they present on.


You can click on the CSV button to export all the data to a CSV file.


Thank you are feedback, I am trying to learn more about using API/Python to provide reports. 


Your suggestion looks like it will work but want to get more comfortable with the above skills. Have a great day!

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