Automatic update of all sites with Floor Plan

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Automatic update of all sites with Floor Plan

We are working with a client with Potentially 15,000 stores and they are already on the Meraki dashboard.  We wanted to call these across to our own analytics dashboards is there a way of doing this through an API call rather than having to import 15,000 floor plans.  Also is there any drawing software that could recognize the internal category layouts and bring them across as geofences with coordinates.  

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You can't extract out previously saved floor plans via API. 

Could we link them to pre populate on the Limitless Platform through an API.  The same way we can position AP's on Meraki and get them to pre populate the Limitless platform.  Probably an API to copy the floor plans?

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@Limitless , i believe this is not available via APIs today. 


Would you be able to share more details with your use case? Is this something you do often for all of your end clients or is this more of a one off scenario for this customer that you're managing? If there are more details you can share in regards to the customer's problem their trying to solve, that would be great. 

We are working with a large Retailer & we are uploading 15,000 floor plans.  They are a Meraki customer.  We are then using ML to mark up the store categories on top of these plans as geo fences.  This will be ongoing and may lead to big brands moving back to Meraki from Mist systems to utilize the Limitless platform.  This will be ongoing for most clients with more than 100 stores.

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