Automated Programs to run APIs

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Automated Programs to run APIs

Is there a good program that automatically takes the Meraki API library if you input your Network ID and API Key and then you can choose which scripts to run based on your own network?  I am not familiar with code and need a way to automate it.

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Depends on the platform you are planning to use.


On linux, we use cron to kick off a script that the runs other scripts (per customer) that decide what to do next, acquire, re-run, analyse, report, housekeeping etc. It's rather complex as it operates across multiple orchestrators and end-customers, but it's cron that does the basic scheduling.


At most basic, you could create a shell script 'wrapper' to set the parameters (IDs, keys, start/stop times, destination files etc. etc.) for the python/whatever script(s) do the actual API work, then add a crontab entry to run the script at the times you want.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Check out Postman. 


Check out the postman getting started guide, 



Personally, I would do a free "getting started" online course in Python.  It's going to be limiting without some basic scripting skills.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

One option that I like is the Google Sheets integration. It lets you run API generated reports with a menu selection.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Check the Meraki-API Toolbox, which runs on Node-Red.


You should put that on GitHub Thomas.  🙂

Building a reputation

@tjh188 - this is where we may be able to help!


We author the Meraki.Api nuget package for the purpose of Meraki automation.  See if you are familiar with .NET development.


If not, but you have a modest budget, we can do the required development for you.

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