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Automated Health Check

New here

Automated Health Check

Hi all,


I'm currently working on automation of template changes for devices. Currently when changing templates, the devices lose their local settings, so the script we have written will pull things like current bandwidth shaping, vlans, uplink IPs, etc. and push them to the device after changing the assigned template.


What I am trying to do now is build in some health checking to this. When I run it now, it will confirm if the MX has taken the configuration, but as we are aware the devices can take 5+ minutes to take the configuration from the cloud occasionally. When this is complete, I want to ensure that clients behind the MX are working correctly. Is anyone aware of or has anyone created something that will pull clients from a list of networks and ping them? The current goal would be to run this once prior to doing the template migration, then a second time afterwards and do a diff over the two outputs.



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