Any way of using Webhooks into a Microsoft Teams chat directly without using anything else?


Any way of using Webhooks into a Microsoft Teams chat directly without using anything else?

I'd like to use Meraki's webhooks functionality directly into a Microsoft Teams chat.  I can't seem to get this working for the life of me.  I'd rather not use Flow or Azure or anything else to get this to work.  There HAS to be a way for this to work?

Kind of a big deal

Well, Meraki Webhooks will send messages in a standardized way. Your „endpoint“ will simply have to interpret it the right way. I don‘t know Teams native possibilities for that but I guess that there‘s no other way to have some kind of „middleware“ in place.

Kind of a big deal

I don't know the anwser.


I'm pretty sure the answer is no because they don't support the same authentication system.


You would need to use a third-party webhook provider like Zapier or 

Kind of a big deal

No. You will need some sort of middleware no matter what. The output format of Meraki webhooks is not compatible with MS Teams and must be modified to match. Neither system offers the functionality needed to make this format change to the data on the fly, so you need a third system. 

Getting noticed

From what I know, there is no direct way to inject messages to a teams chat - no matter if Meraki or any other vendor should be your trigger. Iirc There is also no connector in Flow aka PowerAutomate to post a message in a chat - only to a channel.


What we do in our case is using webhooks as triggers in Flow to post messages to channels and  @mentioning important people to fix stuff so that they will get a push notification in Teams. Good thing about it is, that we can communicate and document what we did to fix issues with the comment function in the generated thread in the channel.


Many people don't trust Flow, but it has turned out as a reliable solution for months in our case.


And just to be complete: You're able to generate links that WILL post a message to a teams chat if you click on them on a PC that has valid Teams session open. But that won't help you until you create some kind of dirty scripting stuff 😁<user1>,<user2>,...&topicName=<chat name>&message=<precanned text>


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