Action Batches for monitoring APIs

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Action Batches for monitoring APIs

It seems Action Batches are supported for monitoring APIs such as /appliance/uplink/statuses, /devices/uplinksLossAndLatency. Is my understanding true?


Monitoring APIs tend to be more frequent and can hit API limit, trying to see if I can leverage action batches to create a batch with monitoring all interested monitoring API end points. Any suggestions here?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

To the best of my knowledge, they are not.


You can get the status of all the devices at once using APIs like:!get-organization-uplinks-statuses!get-organization-devices-uplinks-loss-and-latency 

you are right @PhilipDAth , it seems monitoring APIs are not supported for action batches. It took me a while to find this reference on supportive resources for actionBatches API. It would be nice to add a link directly into the documentation!create-organization-action-batch for supported resources.


Supported resources for action batches are documented in a separate location!action-batches-overview/details


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