APIs and MT30 "The Button"

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APIs and MT30 "The Button"

Anybody find or write any APIs for The Button? We want to see how much we can do with it and if we can get a head start that would be awesome.

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These are pre-built and cover some common tasks for your Meraki stack: https://documentation.meraki.com/MT/MT_General_Articles/MT_Automation_Builder


The more powerful one is the Webhook Payload Templates—this answers your question on how much you can do with it–basically anything that accepts a webhook: https://community.meraki.com/t5/Developers-APIs/IN-BETA-Webhook-Custom-Payload-Templates/m-p/130824#...


@TRBO_KCMO: any ideas for useful automations? I haven't started working on these yet but have some vacation time coming up soon to play with the MT30.

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