API updates much slower than Dasboard

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API updates much slower than Dasboard

I'm using the API to manually set the channel for a Wi-Fi AP. That works fine, and I see the change reflected immediately on the dashboard. However, when I then query the device via the API with `getDeviceWirelessStatus`, it will often take minutes before it turns the Wi-Fi channel that is shown on the dashboard. Is there someway that I can force this to refresh, or make it update faster? Which thing is wrong? Is the dashboard incorrectly showing the new value before the hardware has actually switched to the new channel? Or is the data presented via the API lagging behind the reality? Could I make it faster by rebooting the AP in between or disabled and re-enabling the radio, or something?

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When a change is made in Dashboard, it may look like it is instant, but it's not: when you look at a device's status page it can be several minutes before it shows the config 'up to date' message.


I'd assume the API is taking note of the device's config status and only returning the new value once the device itself is up to date.



Thanks, that's what I figured. Is there any way to speed up the specific example I gave? Some way to forcibly make the AP adopt the change immediately, even if it means abruptly ending all current sessions?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


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