API call to find Meraki AP MAC address

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API call to find Meraki AP MAC address

What is the API call to find the MAC address of Meraki APs?


When I run that command, it does not show the APs, just our Mx and MS.

Kind of a big deal

So you don't have APs o  this org.

In every network, we have a MX, MS and AP.

Kind of a big deal

Or you could use this, to see all the devices you have in your organization inventory



LinkedIn ::: https://blog.rhbirkelund.dk/

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If you are not using the Python library and if there are a lot of devices you'll need to handle multipage results, are you doing that?


Set the productTypes parameter (it's an array) to just one element "wireless", then you'll only get matching devices returned. Makes it simpler.


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