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API Score performance

Comes here often

API Score performance


In order to reduce the amount of API call.  Is it possible to implement a new api endpoint.

Currently we are using the request below:

GET /networks/[networkId]/devices/[serial]/performance

But as we have a lot of organizations and devices, we send a lot of HTTP get and we hit the API rate limit.

Is it possible to have a GET with all MX score performance of a organizations?

Maybe something like that

HTTP Request :
GET /organizations/[organizationId]/devicesMXPerformance

Sample Response :

    "Q2XX - XXXX - XXXX": "21"
}, {
    "Q5XX - XXXX - XXXX": "19"

Thank you for your feedback.


Kind of a big deal

Re: API Score performance

Hey @NicoSnmp. Make sure you "Make a wish" with this, and work with your Meraki rep to get a feature request in. I don't think Meraki uses these forums as an intake for feature requests. I like your idea though!

New here

Re: API Score performance

@NicoSnmpit's a great feature request.

For us and for the load of meraki api server !!

Kind of a big deal

Re: API Score performance

It's not the same - but could you augment your results using the status API, which lets you get the status of every device in a single API call?

Meraki Employee

Re: API Score performance

You may well also want to consider what can be achieved, against your business needs, using Webhooks as a 'push' rather than 'pull' API - as businesses aren't generally interested in storing lots of information that says 'everything is fine'.   You have probably noticed previously that various alerts under Network-wide > Configure > Alerts relate to the performance of the network, in some way.   Webhooks allows Dashboard to alert you, when these occur, rather than you needing to make calls in the other direction at regular intervals.   it's possible / likely that not all the things you're interested in can be defined there, yet, but, as Webhooks is more efficient, asking for things to be added in this area might be a better Feature Request to ask for.

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