[API] MS Switch Ports - update storm control status

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[API] MS Switch Ports - update storm control status



On MS switch i tried to update storm control state, but API return an error.


API call return this :

switch, updateDeviceSwitchPort - 400 Bad Request, {'errors': ['Storm control is currently not supported in this network']} 


And in fact the portdetail call API not return StormControl param:

{'portId': '...', 'name': '...', 'tags': [], 'enabled': True, 'poeEnabled': False, 'type': 'trunk', 'vlan': 1, 'voiceVlan': None, 'allowedVlans': '...', 'isolationEnabled': False, 'rstpEnabled': True, 'stpGuard': 'disabled', 'linkNegotiation': 'Auto negotiate', 'portScheduleId': None, 'udld': 'Alert only'} 


It completely not understandable because the storm control is correctly configured and activated on network, getNetworkSwitchStormControl return the correct configuration 


{'broadcastThreshold': 20, 'multicastThreshold': 20, 'unknownUnicastThreshold': 100}

And on dashboard on port setting it displayed and i can manage it...



It's a know issue ?  


version used :  v1.12.0




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