[API] Get the information of Radio Settings of each MR (not each SSID)

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[API] Get the information of Radio Settings of each MR (not each SSID)

Hi, all.


I want to get the information of Radio Settings of each MR.


When I call the API /networks/{networkID}/devices/{serial}/wireless/status,

the response shows the radio settings of each SSID.


Which API is matched with the table of the category, Wireless > Radio Settings?


radio settings.PNG

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Good Morning,


These settings are tied to the Basic Indoor Profile...There is an option in the API called radio Settings, however i don't get any information on those setting. 



Will check if the new API V1.0 will return values .... i Would assume the profile id from the basic profile is listed when includeTemplateProfiles is set to true.


If you have the profile ID, the you can change/view the parameters with the link :








I also checked rfProfiles API but the response said the specific MR has no rfProfile ID. (I don't know why)


Then, I found I could change the setting about band selection to per AP or per SSID.





I did not change it (because I am not an actual administrator of the networks in my company) but do you think is it concerned with my original question?

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

I'm not sure I quite understand what you're trying to do. 


If you want to find which RF Profile a device has you can get it with this API:



If the setting is null then it is using the default for the model of AP that you have. Basic Indoor Profile is going to be the default for all indoor APs (MR33 etc.). The Basic Outdoor Profile will be used by outdoor APs (MR84 etc.). 



The ID of an RF profile to assign to the device. If the value of this parameter is null, the appropriate basic RF profile (indoor or outdoor) will be assigned to the device. Assigning an RF profile will clear ALL manually configured overrides on the device (channel width, channel, power).


If you're trying to get the channel number, channel width, and power you can get the SSID status of the AP. 


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Thank you for trying to answering to my question, @CN.


There are 4 APs in a network of my company (please check the image under) and I want to get the value of channel, channel width, target power, and transmit power of each AP via API. And I do not know which API I can use.




I saw an API (https://api.meraki.com/api_docs/v0#return-the-ssid-statuses-of-an-access-point) returns those values from SSID status of the AP, but an AP does not have only one SSID - it has a lot of SSIDs with various values of channel, channel width, target power, and transmit power.




When an AP has a lot of SSID statuses then which value is selected to show on the each AP in wireless > radio setting in Meraki Dashboard?

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)



This will return the channel and power. Even though it lists them for every single SSID, it will be the same for each band. For all of the 2.4 GHz band, the channel and power will be the same. Same thing for the 5 GHz band. 


(Target power currently does not have an API endpoint.)

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