API Endpoint for NetFlow?

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API Endpoint for NetFlow?

Is there an API endpoint to configure NetFlow on a network. I have 350 networks to configure it on? 


This thread suggests there is. However, cannot find it in the API doc.


Thanks in advance for any responses.

Kind of a big deal



In that link they also say 


NetFlow Collector Configuration

The current Meraki-specific requirements for NetFlow are as follows:

  • Dashboard must be configured to communicate with a NetFlow collector, not a flow exporter.
  • The collector must support NetFlow version 9.

There are a number of server options available for NetFlow collection. Cisco Meraki recommends configuring an "ELK" stack, referring to a combination of the services ElasticSearch, LogStash, and Kibana to provide parsing, data storage, and visualization.

Please refer to your NetFlow collector's documentation for configuration specifics, this article provides an example ELK stack configuration.

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