API Demo Platform - quickly experience Meraki APIs within seconds

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API Demo Platform - quickly experience Meraki APIs within seconds

Hello from the Meraki API PM team! We understand that, across the industry, APIs aren't typically "Meraki simple". You have to wade through tons of documentation or code, and one small typo in your source can crash an entire script. Similarly, trying to show what's possible with APIs can also be challenging with custom environments, setups that require pre-planning, and other high barriers of entry. We aimed to solve for these issues with the API Demo Platform, which provides you a "Merakified" way to experience the power of APIs without having to understand how they work, and also without needing to show any documentation, programs like Postman, or source code, although those resources are provided if you want the details.


All you need here to run an API demo is a free Webex Teams account, available for anybody to register at teams.webex.com. Afterwards, find MerakiBot with the address at meraki.bot@webex.bot in Webex Teams, and ask for an "API demo". (Note if you are a corporate user and cannot find this account, your Webex administrator may have blocked access to external contacts/bots, so you'll need to either have a Cisco/Meraki teammate invite you to a room with MerakiBot, or create a separate Webex Teams account with a personal email.)


Here are some screenshots, and the basic idea behind this API Demo Platform is to quickly experience automating network configuration, monitoring infrastructure health, generating live reports, and alerting on issues just by clicking on some (super) easy buttons. Give it a whirl, and let us know what you think. Thank you!


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Kind of a big deal

This is very cool.


It basically shows how you can re-purpose the WebEx client to create your own mobile app.  So many possibilities.

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