API Call for Dynamic Hostnames

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API Call for Dynamic Hostnames

Hello everybody. I am relatively new to using Meraki's API and I have been struggling to find anything in the API documentation, or a discussion topic that has an answer for this.


I am looking for a call that will give the unique dynamic hostname for a network in our organization. We use two uplinks and need to compile a list of all of the dynamic hostnames for some scans, so before doing it the manual way, we were hoping there is a call we can do that will get all of that information for an individual network for us.


Image below for further clarification if needed.





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As far as I can tell, there is no API call that will return this information. I have looked through the Network and Device calls and saw nothing that suggested a call that would have this. Perhaps it is in another section that is less obvious and someone else has already tracked it down.

At this point that's what I am hoping for. I figured after about 2 hours of looking and searching, if there wasn't a single hint of it, at this point it's probably just going to be a manual process.

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I think this is going to be similar to finding firmware versions of all MXs in all Orgs/Networks. Best best make a wish.



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