A way to Monitor VPNs and SD WAN over API

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A way to Monitor VPNs and SD WAN over API

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i am currently planing on implementing a big Meraki Network with quiet a few MXs. Now our customer asked us that we Monitor all the VPN Status and the SD WAN so we can be sure that not only the Device is reachable. Is it also Possible to get performance Monitors over the API? 


Does someone already had the same requirements and where able to solve them?



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Meraki Employee

@paolo Not possible over API, But you can set up an SNMP traps to alert whenever a VPN connection status change. The OID for VPN connection status change is  .


You can download the Meraki MIB under "network-wide > alerts" page under SNMP traps section

More information about setting up SNMP traps




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