WiFI4EU Splash Page Code

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WiFI4EU Splash Page Code



First, iam new to Meraki!


WiFi4EU is a funded Programm for Communities in Europe, to create public Hotspots.  >>> More


The Requirements for this programm can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/inea/sites/inea/files/wifi4eu-2018-1_en.pdf

Page 5: Phase 1 (Tracking Code)

Page 6: 6.2.2 Technical Requirements


I would take 12x APs for this Project but i dont know how i should implement the "tracking code" from the EU. 


How can I do that?



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Kind of a big deal

Seems like the snippet installation guide is not available yet on their link:


No not yet, but I think it will be just a javascript!

If so, how I can customize (or replace) the SplashPage, to add some Code to that?

Just with an external SplashPage or is there a Build-In Solution?


Here to help


I've posted an official request to the WiFi4EU help desk


I will post the answer as soon as obtained

Any news regarding the splash page for WiFi4EU?



It's not possible to use MERAKI Splash page to achieve requirement for the WiFI4EU program.


You need to host a custom splash page on your own infrastructure,

Spash Page >  Or provide a URL where users will be redirected: 


 And integrate the EU Snippet code on this page


The splash page URL must contain the UUID of the WiFI4EU network, provided when you have completed an installation.


The snippet code is used by the EU to verify that you meet all the requirements, and process to the payment of your  WiFi4EU project





Also a testimony of one of our project on the EU site :




this means that meraki could easily provide this within their infra!


just some simple changes to their webinterface are required to select WiFi4EU and provide the UUID, as well as a proper splash page that integrates the EU javascript code, plus some small walled garden setup.

You are right, but they don't want 🙂

Also for legal purpose, you are supposed to keep all connexion data for 1 year, and provide these data to justice upon request.


Meraki does not keep connexion data for 1 year (they don't want to)


So you have to deploy and maintain an infrastructure to support EU Snipped and store connexion logs



can you please provide me with a link stating that?

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