User account creation e-mail - edit or suppress

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User account creation e-mail - edit or suppress

Our wireless network uses both a splash-page login per user and a WPA2 password for association control. When we create user accounts, the system sends an e-mail notifying the user of the authorization to use the SSID (and can include the user account ID and password for the splash page) but it has nowhere to send the WPA2 password to the new user. We had been planning on having our help desk use an e-mail template to send all of that information out as an admittedly manual process and not have the Meraki system send the e-mail at all. However, we don't appear to have either option - the system sends a notification message regardless.


Is there a way to edit the e-mail that's sent to include the SSID/WPA2 password or a way to suppress the sending of the e-mail entirely?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you considered using WPA2-Enterprise mode which prompts for only a username/password and not bothering with a splash page?

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You can whtielist devices that connect to the wireless, which will also remove the splash page for them. That's what I would try first anyway..

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