Usage details wildly incorrect on client page

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Usage details wildly incorrect on client page

I've had several instances of the Usage column on the Network wide->clients page reporting some wildly incorrect # (10-50 GB).  On a network with relatively low usage, that stands out. 

When you click this and look at the details of the usage (up and down) on the client detail page, the sum of the up+down usage is MUCH smaller (a 100 mb or so) - no where even in the ball park.  I've always verified my time frame on both pages was the same.

I've seen this multiple times and created cases.  In every instance, I've been told "engineering was looking into it" - but support was never able to offer a solution - nor has the issue been solved as far as I know.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior? 

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I have experienced this problem for months, since I bought the MX100 device. I submit the case on April 13th.

I got a message on July 23rd
"I have been alerted by the Engineering team that the bug has been located and they are working on a fix for it now."

I asked what is happening, as this is a pretty major bug -


August 15th
"Unfortunately I am unable to provide an ETA for the fix at this time. If one does become available I will provide it here."

And I am still waiting. I was getting 25Gbps on a 1Gbps only device.

Good luck!

Lol, that's the same response that I received.  Anyway, glad it's not just me.  (I guess)

It's definitely not just use. I just ran into this majorly today. Had a client that showed 300GB in one month. I checked the client page and they had maybe a 1/10th of that. I was about to freak out thinking one of my clients was a Zombie.

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