Um, Would it be * normal* for 80 Routers to have the Same IP Address :(

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Um, Would it be * normal* for 80 Routers to have the Same IP Address :(

Looking at some inventory information - I found 80 Routers with the Same IP address ? 
That was somewhat Alarming. 

I know its DHCP - but still a somewhat disturbing fact for critical Managed devices - an Old School throw back. 

Just getting back into this with a new customer / contract. 
Do the traps still come in with the MAC address and no IP anywhere 😞 


Kind of a big deal

You'll need to describe the network a bit more to understand.


The same public IP address?  Are they all in one site, one are there 80 sites with 1 router each?


Are these routers Meraki MX?

Here to help


If addresses are given out via DHCP - *Usually* the DHCP server / Application know what addresses are in use / leased and does not give out the same address again, and again.
Client should observe the Terms and Conditions of the Lease and I imagine should request a new address when their lease expires.

I didn't not know there where special conditions where *normal* DHCP protocol practices were not adhered to ?

Looking into this a bit more - the device may have gone offline,  Before the lease ended leaving them to appear as having the Old address ...

- Please disregard this thread - sorry - for the bother.


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