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Trigger Meraki alerts



I am working on integrating Mearki alerts (using webhook) with ITSM. To test the functionality I like to test each alerts and see how it reflect in ITSM. Is there any scripts/tool I can use to trigger the alerts specially udldError, malwareDetected, malwareBlocked, portCableError and rougueDHCPServer. I am able to trigger them manually it's really time consuming and I can't do it remotely.




Kind of a big deal

I suppose you already know that you can trigger AMP using the EICAR samples (


For rogue DHCP you could just run an open source DHCP server. Tftpd comes to mind.


But you can't do that remotely indeed. Unless you can access a client remotely. And I wouldn't do the DHCP test on a production network.

Yes i was able to use EICAR to check malwereBlocked alert. Regarding DHCP I am alwaya getting newDHCPDetected not the rogueDHCP one. Not sure for which scenario rogueDHCP alerts trigger. 

I haven't tested with it, but is the DHCP server you added handing out addresses in the same range as the MX is?

Kind of a big deal

>Is there any scripts/tool I can use to trigger the alerts



@FakrulAlamDA  I would imagine a rogue DHCP alert would come when a subnet has a second DHCP server added onto it.

I have tried putting a new DHCP server (advertising the same prefixes) but still getting NewDHCPservcerdetected alert.

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