Transferring equipment to a new owner

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Transferring equipment to a new owner

We'll be selling one of our remote offices to a completely different owner in about a month. This is the first time we've gone through this transition using Meraki equipment. In the prior Cisco environment, we'd reconfigure the remote Cisco router to have direct access to the internet instead of routing the internet traffic over the site-to-site tunnel.


We'll at least need to break all existing VPN connections with our corporate MX84. What are the sequence of steps to get the remote Meraki equipment hosted in that location's network disconnected from our VPN tunnels, out of our dashboard and into the new owners dashboard? Is it as simple as deleting that network from the Overview, then unclaim the hardware, then have support move the serial numbers to the new owner? If that is the case, then their internet access will not work until the new owner configures the transferred equipment or replaces it with different equipment?





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Hi Jim,

It will depend slightly on how this device was licensed. Was the license purchased as an individual license? If so you will need to create a new Organisation. Make yourself an admin of both networks, remove the device from your dashboard and contact support to move the license.

If the license is bundled with other products you will need to contact support to separate the licenses out.

Recently MX units have been warning that they "may" loose locally stored information on them such as the WAN links. I moved two units last weekend and didn't suffer this issue, but its something to be aware of.

Once migrated you can setup the new owners admin details and they can remove you.


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As for the equipment itself:
Once unclaimed in your Dashboard the new owner can simply claim it into theirs.
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The best way will be to have an Organisation split done.  To do this you have to raise a support ticket.  They can only split into (and create) a brand new organisation.  So don't create an organisation first.


Basically you give support a list of the networks to split (in this case probably just one).  The split takes a couple of minutes.  Afterwards their will be a new Organisation with those networks, the kit that was in those networks and the licencing for them.


After the split log into the new Organisation, clean up/add/remove any administrators you want.  Add/remove any VPNs you want.



What if we buy a MX from another company and want to transfer it to our company that is already a Meraki Customer?

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They must remove it from their org. Then you can contact support to add it to your org, where you will then have admin control over it.


Will we need to purchase a license or can we transfer their existing license to us?

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From my understanding, you'll have to bring your own license (or have one spare left)

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The above statement is correct. While device ownership can be transferred between end customers, licensing can not. See the following link from meraki documentation explaining the guidelines regarding this.

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@jappling You can move the license from the existing org to the new org as long as you have admin rights on both the organizations. This move needs to be done by Meraki support though.


So, either you or someone who has organization admin access on both the organizations call into support, there should be no issues moving the license as long as the license is valid.





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I second @PhilipDAth answer here. Easy way to separate the network from the existing organization along with the licenses and also the best way if they want to keep most of the configurations as it is.


However, if the new owners want to start from scratch and don't want to do anything with your configurations, It is easier to create a new organization and transfer the equipment and the licenses. Starting from scratch would be a better approach if they have to change too many settings from your existing configurations.





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