Thoughts on the App

Kind of a big deal

Thoughts on the App

Just wondering if many people use the Meraki iOS and Android app and how you find it.


I love it for managing switches but have no end of trouble when trying to use it for MV, camera feeds always fail to load requiring the app to be closed and relaunched and the time out of the app seems to always require me to log in. 


I use it at work and at home on a daily basis and it just feels like it could be better reliability wise.
Kind of a big deal

I particularly prefer to manage from the laptop, I rarely used the App for management.

Kind of a big deal

The best feature is the adding of pictures to document the placement of the APs.

Kind of a big deal

To be honest I have never used the app.


Our Orgs are super large and I'm not sure it would be usefull for us to use it.  For a SOHO / small orgs I'm pretty sure it makes a lot of sense !

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'd actually forgotten it exists, I do access the dashboard from my mobile pretty much every day, but I find the app too slow and restrictive.  I can see the point with a small phone screen, but on a larger one the dashboard is good 😎

Kind of a big deal

I use it occasionally to check details on up/down alerts from customer networks, but agree about the MV based on just some limited experience.  If I spent $$ on MV for my own home or business I would be pretty disappointed with the mobile app.

Head in the Cloud

I'm using it daily for viewing the babycam at home on android.
From time to time it fails to load the video stream, but a quick restart of the app is fixing this

Meraki Employee

I use it pretty much daily as well for viewing my cameras. I've found the video feeds don't load if I use face ID and leave the app and come back into later. However, with face ID off coming back into the app my video always loads fine.


I'd encourage folks to do two things. First, run the beta app. Details here. Second, submit feedback using the Settings tab > Make a wish. The mobile app is being updated almost weekly and feedback is important for fixing bugs and adding features people will find most useful.

@Ryan_Miles Do you know if the Face ID bug is being worked on as it's a real pain? However my wife also uses the app for viewing cameras at home and she has the same issue with a phone that doesn't have face ID.


As mentioned I love the app for updating switch ports but with viewing cameras I just get annoyed because it's always a hassle to get it working.

Not sure. On a quick search I don't see any open bugs on it. Probably best to open a Support case so they can file one (if one doesn't already exist).

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