Re-license dashboard, but with different device numbers and models ?

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Re-license dashboard, but with different device numbers and models ?

What happens if I relicense an org. but the device count and models are different.


There is 200 days left in an org. with the following equipment.

2 x MS225-24P

1 x MS220-8P

10 x MR-ENT

1 X MX-84 - Adv. Sec.


But now with the relicense I also want to upgrade / change some equipment, so the Org would use the following equipment.

3 x MS225-24P

1x MS120-8LP

15 x MR-ENT

1 x MX95 - Adv Sec.


I would of course buy a license for all the equipment in the "new setup " lets say 3 years for everything, and use that for the relicense, but what happens to the 200 days there still left, are these then "transferred" and split out across all the relicensed equipment ?

That would be my guess, but am I right ? 




Kind of a big deal

If you do a complete relicense, the old 200 days are gone and the new license is what is used. Better buy the new devices and the following licenses:

  • 1 x MX95 - Adv Sec.

  • 5 x MR-ENT

  • 1 x MS225-24P

And then add these licenses for new devices. Now the new licenses will merge into the old licenses. Ok, you now have licenses for the old and the new MX, but the old MX could be used as a cold spare or for a different purpose.

Kind of a big deal

I'm assume that is a Co-Termination lisence. So there are some considerations.


The Cisco Meraki Co-Termination licensing model works on the basis of co-termination, which means that for any given organization, regardless of how many licenses were applied or when they were applied, the license expiration date for all licenses claimed to that organization will be exactly the same. This is accomplished by averaging all active licenses together and dividing by the license limit count of devices in the organization.




For example, suppose an organization had two separate Enterprise AP licenses, one license for 2x APs spanning one year (365 days) and another for 1x AP spanning five years (1,825 days). The co-termination value would be calculated as ((1825*1)+(365*2))/3= 851 days total for all three APs. So assuming all three licenses were applied on the same day, the organization would have a co-term date of 851 days from the start date of the licenses.

If the licenses were not applied at the same time, for example if the five-year license was applied halfway through the one-year license, the co-term calculation will take that into effect. In this case, the calculation would be ((1825*1)+(182*2))/3=730 days total for all three APs.

Note: The organization co-termination date does not depend on the current device count, but rather the license limit. Removing devices from a network or organization will not impact the co-termination date.


To calculate how licenses impact each other in an organization, check out the License Calculator. To see a more detailed explanation and the exact calculations that are used to determine co-term dates, please refer to our detailed co-term explanation page.


Here is the full documentation:

Here to help

I didn't do that before but I Think For the Access point, yes you can change the device  because the license is not changed based on AP type such as  LIC-ENT-3YR 

but you should remove the old AP from the dashboard and add the new one 


For MX Lic depend on device type LIC-MX95-SEC-3Y


for MS is more restriction as it depends on the model and its ports LIC-MS225-24P-xYR



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