RMA Failed AP Issue

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RMA Failed AP Issue

Hi All,


I'm having a first time issue when trying to RMA a failed AP. I submitted the RMA, Meraki agreed RMA was needed, but then it sat idle for a few days with no movement/shipping notification. I finally reached out again and they said the device isn't able to be RMA'd because we aren't the original purchaser. What?....We took over this client a few years back from a previous provider. We have clients that we take over managing all the time that came from a different MSP so now their licensed Meraki product no longer has a warranty?


I haven't replied back yet as I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this here before. Seems shady


Advice/experiences appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

Tell support you are acting on behalf of the original purchaser.

If you took over the original purchaser, such as with a company acquisition or similar, explain that to Support and if necessary get your Cisco/Meraki reps involved to escalate since your organization is now in control of the equipment you should be entitled to the RMA.

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