Oversized Clickable

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Oversized Clickable

New to the community forum, so please let me know if this should be submitted elsewhere.


A minor UI issue that I run into a couple times a day. The clickable region for "Routed" vs "Passtrhough or VPN Concentrator" is huge. Frequently I click the empty area in a window to have the window focused. On the Meraki dashboard this sometimes causes a setting to be changed because the "button" extends into the empty area. This forces me to refresh the page before I can proceed. Image attached to assist visualization of the oversized clickable area.


Very minor issue, however it drives me crazy daily. 



Kind of a big deal

I also find that the clickable zone is way too larger in comparison of the text wrapping. I'm not sure that this is a bug , but should be considered as a UI improvement indeed !

Kind of a big deal

I agree.  It is good when a problem like this is our biggest issue.  :

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