[Open suggestion] - Bug reporting tool

Kind of a big deal

[Open suggestion] - Bug reporting tool

Hi everyone , 


I'm not sure if I'm the only one living this 'nightmare' in my day-to-day. 


I'm a network engineer for a super large company in Canada. We have lots and lots of devices and features that most smaller company do not use. We encounter bugs with firmware , api endpoints , sometimes documentation and so on on a weekly basis.


Do you guys think that there might be a better way to submit bugs to Meraki other than opening cases ?

Opening cases means that you have to link it to a generic configuration item and fill a description, sometimes I feel like I have to go back and forth with support to send all the correct information  for them to picture the issue. 




Filling a bug report ( template ? )  would help me ( and support ) and feels more detailed than a generic case:


Includes screenshots 

Expected behavior

How to reproduce the issue

URL or URI that the issue was found

And more + 


This is not rant.

Meraki support is excellent , just trying to find a way to improve bug reporting.

Kind of a big deal

I think bug reports must start with a ticket, otherwise you would get millions of bug report cases being opened, and most of them would not be bugs.

Cisco Meraki obviously has an internal bug tracking tool.


I think it would be beneficial to provide customers with a login access to it, to both track the status of their own bugs and to be able to search across bugs.


Exactly like the Cisco bug tracking system ...

Kind of a big deal

To be honest , I haven't worked (yet) with any other vendor as a network engineer , I'm also curious to see how they deal with cases / bugs. 


In that case , should the ''case'' form be updated / revamp to allow us to include more detailed infos ? That's a good question.

Kind of a big deal

The Cisco bug tracking tool is linked BOTH to your support case (so you can get to it easily there) and an optional community post (which allows everyone to discuss the bug).


Pretty good huh?


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