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New to Meraki

Hi team,


we are cisco partner and new to meraki partner also.


we have a customer order for MR330 -12 nos. and  MX84 .

we have received our order details with dashboard license key.

i want to know that do i need to add these dashbord license key in our  meraki login or do i need to create a customer login and then registerd the device through customer login.


is there any option if under my pratner login i can create a customer login .


please help me on this.



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee



Create an organization for the customer. 


Have a look at the MSP portal features, especially the "best practice":


  • Create networks and organizations using a generic shared address, such as
    • Multiple admins can easily access and share this account
    • As admins change, the account remains the same
    • This account can be tied to a mailer list to ensure that, in the event of an alert or licensing issue, multiple parties are notified 
    • Additional admins can still be added with their own e-mails, after creation is done using the generic account
  • Create separate organizations for each customer/company, since each organization will share the following across its networks/devices:
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If you manage multiple customers ALWAYS create a new organisation for each customer rather than creating several networks under an organisation, that way it keeps licensing easy to understand and means if the customer wants to change who they use as support they simply give access to the new support firm.


Once you have created the new organisation go to the licensing page and enter the order number and the hardware and licensing should populate automatically. 

Hi Blake Richardson,


thanks for respond,

but in my dashboard  Organization adding option not available.




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